New England – Tickle Party

You’re invited to a party! Introducing Tickle Party, a 5.8% IPA featuring heaps of Motueka hops and a light malt profile offering a bombardment of citrus, lime and tropical fruit aromas. Come grab a pint and cans are available for $12 a six pack. (3.90) | 969 Ratings ABV:5.8%

KCBC – Conehead the Beerbarian

100% dry hopped (no kettle hops) with 100% cryo hops–Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe & Ekuanot. Jam packed with skull smashing flavors of lush tropical fruits and dank citrus crush. We ❤️the entire horde of marauding, pillaging hopheads at Sarene who help distribute our beer, and couldn’t think of a better way to wish them a very […]

Thomas Hooker – Citrillo

American IPA brewed with a blend of 3 hops. Aromas of orange blossom lead into big juicy flavors of overripe tropical fruits, with a sturdy yet balanced bitterness (3.77) | 2,078 Ratings ABV:6.3% IBU:52

Kent Falls – Shruggie

The hops in this beer may change on occasion but the target remains a consistently bright and expressive IPA with a balance of fruity and resinous hop character. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (4.06) | 4,516 Ratings ABV:6.2%

New England Sea Hag IPA

This one’s a beauty; a rich and full bodied IPA with complex malt character blended with cascade and noble hops (3.83) | 37,445 Ratings ABV:6.2% IBU:65 Availability:Always available